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Here's what other people are saying about Love Bomb Bootcamp...

“Thanks for creating such a fun experience that can be shared across generations of the world saying that a woman has to be ________ to be good enough. Absolutely love Love Bomb's message that breaks that lie.”

“AMAZING boot camp - I couldn't tell you the last time I felt this good about myself. “

“So liberating, YOLO.” 

“I've been suffering from high anxiety and some depression lately, and this 30-day transformation could not have come at a better life. Sure, we all have the ability to jumpstart our lives, but this gave me the extra motivation I needed. So, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful for the Love Bomb Bootcamp 💗💗💗“

“Best bootcamp ever!!!”

“I seriously couldn't wait to check my email every morning!”

“This is a wonderfully written, positive and strong message that encourages and guides a young woman through the process of discovering self worth. A wonderful reminder that we are all worth the effort.” 

“Love Bomb Bootcamp was absolutely amazing. I started the month not feeling too great about myself, and ended the month feeling like I could conquer anything. I definitely still have days where I doubt myself, but I think that the most important take-a-way from the bootcamp was that I'm recognizing these negative thoughts and choosing to turn them into something positive instead. No one is going to be perfect, but the bootcamp has taught me to be open to changing, to trying new things, and exiting my comfort zone.” 

“Love this Bootcamp! I'm an anxiety freak and it's totally helping me with my anxiety.”

“I just made my love list and I feel so good about myself :)”

“This bootcamp is actively changing my life. I feel better about myself every. single. day.”

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