Love Bomb Bootcamp

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Love Bomb Bootcamp


Every girl deserves to feel loved and YOU are no exception.

Because you are not just “average,” you’re exceptional, not just “ordinary,” you’re amazing, not just “enough,” you’re more than enough — and those things you call “flaws,” well, they’re perfect.

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Love yourself, in 30 days. For real. We'll show you how... 


Love Bomb Bootcamp is a 100% online program that you can participate in from anywhere. 

Part email series, part interactive workbook, we’re not afraid to go there with the big stuff (you know, the real, uncomfortable, messy stuff you probably don’t want to look at). Because spoiler alert… loving yourself is not, and has never been about regular mani pedis. It’s much more than that. 


The next Bootcamp begins Monday, June 5th. Mark your calendar!


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Enrollment closes Friday, June 2nd at 11:59pm EST.

Discover your worth, your power, and just how magical you truly are.


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Mark your calendar

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Wait patiently for...


Daily #LoveBombs!

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“Thanks for creating such a fun experience that can be shared across generations of the world saying that a woman has to be ________ to be good enough. Absolutely love Love Bomb's message that breaks that lie.”

“AMAZING boot camp - I couldn't tell you the last time I felt this good about myself."

How It Works:

Love Bomb Bootcamp runs monthly. New sessions begin on the 1st Monday of every month and run for 30 days. 

With your purchase, you will receive your #LBB Welcome Packet detailing everything you need to know to make the most out of our 30 days together, your 55+ page interactive #LBB Companion Workbook to help guide you through LBB, and exclusive access to our Member’s Only Community. (The ladies in here are ah-maz-ing.)

When Love Bomb Bootcamp is in session, every morning for 30 days, you’ll receive a #LoveBomb in your email inbox. 

Each #LoveBomb Includes:

  • An insightful message leading you towards a life of self-love.

  • An easy-to-do task (like writing a gratitude list, indulging in 24-hours of positive self-talk, or creating a vision board) to push you out of your comfort zone and guide you towards falling wildly in love with the real you — the you that is dying to shine.

  • Inspiring content to share with your entire girl-gang (along with a personal invitation to join ours).

  • Plus exclusive bonus material you won’t find anywhere else (think: recipes, mantras, DIY’s, and more).


“I seriously couldn't wait to check my email every morning!”

“This is a wonderfully written, positive and strong message that encourages and guides a young woman through the process of discovering self worth. A wonderful reminder that we are all worth the effort.”

“Love this Bootcamp! I'm an anxiety freak and it's totally helping me with my anxiety.”

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Plus, you also receive...

24/7 guidance and mentorship from yours truly (that's us!) 
That means, our undivided love and attention is all yours for the entire 30 days. We're here to support you, to lift you up, and inspire your journey — one thousand percent. 

Immediate access to your 50+ page interactive #LBB Companion Workbook
Designed specifically to help you navigate this sometimes tumultuous (but infinitely rewarding), totally transformational, journey. 

Unlimited All-Access Pass to #LBB's kick a$$ Online Community
This is a place where you can comment on daily #lovebombs and challenges, interact and engage with our rad bootcamp girl-gang, and motivate each other on this powerful journey of radical transformation and unconditional self-love. Share as much or as little as you want — this is a totally supportive space. 



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*Btw,  please note:

We are not medical doctors, licensed psychotherapists or clinicians. (Our legal team also made us say that.) Ree is a literista (currently penning her first memoir), Erika is a #girlboss entrepreneur, Jess is a health & nutrition coach (certified and credentialed, I might add). We are not here to diagnose or to treat anything, nor are the recommendations and resources provided within Love Bomb Bootcamp or this website intended to propose, or offer to propose, a cure for mental illness, disease, or other conditions.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings of self-doubt and loathing or think you need additional support, please GET IT.

Love Bomb Bootcamp and the resources provided herein should not be used as substitutes for professional medical care or therapy.