Love Notes, From Our Hearts To Yours, Welcome To Our Blog!

Hey, gorgeous!

Your regular Tuesday/Thursday reading list just got so much better. Introducing Love Notes, From Our Hearts To Yours. Our brand new, twice-a-week, self-love centered blog series.

Join us each week for honest advice, heartfelt insights, and real words from real women, just like you.

Expect sexy and spirited self-love soul stuff, body-talk, exclusive interviews, radical self-care, and a handful of other random writes including a dissertation on how to find good jeans (oh yes)… you know ALL the things growing up girl. We’ll try our best to make you laugh along the way, but be warned babe, the journey to loving yourself is not always smooth.

Got something you want us to talk about? Please weigh in in the comments! After all, this space is for you

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