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The Summer of Self-love Never Tasted So Good - A Recipe

Before we get to the actual recipe, we need to talk about the WTF moment I had this morning while stuck OUTSIDE on my 3rd floor balcony in nothing but a sports bra.* Apparently faulty screen door hinges are a thing and can lock you out of your apartment (and keep you locked out until your neighbors hear you yelling and the property manager saves the day — which fortunately, was quite quick). It was basically enough time to construct a Spider man-esque escape route (thankfully not necessary), rearrange the patio furniture, get 45 minutes of California sun, and think about what to do with the 20-something pound watermelon sitting on my kitchen counter, which, to no surprise, was make juice.

Not just any juice, the perfect summer of self-love drink. Equally hydrating and insanely delicious, this cooling summer blend has been on my mind since my bff's annual “pink drink” pic appeared on my Instagram feed 6 weeks ago. While it’s not your traditional pink drink (I’m not actually even sure what’s in a traditional pink drink?), and definitely won’t be found at Starbucks, it’s ridiculously good and beyond easy to make.


Healthy Ingredient Highlights:


Watermelon is loaded with lycopene (helps maintain eye health) as well as potassium (neutralizes acidity in the bloodstream), vitamin C (strengthens immunity), vitamin A (supports healthy vision, skin & glands) and vitamin B1 (helps convert protein to energy). Not only that, watermelon is one of the top cooling foods on earth making it perfect for hot summer days like today, which back in Boston, is pushing 98 degrees.

Pro-tip: To pick a ripe watermelon, knock on it - a hollow sound means it's ready.


Powerful skin rejuvenators, limes are notoriously high in vitamin C (immune support) and flavonoids (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties). Despite their acidic nature, like lemons, limes actually promote alkalinity in the body and stimulate natural detoxification.


Mint helps alleviate gas, aids in digestion, is rich in antioxidants, and has been shown to have significant antibacterial, fungicidal and insecticidal properties making it useful against many common bacterial pathogens and candida. Plus, it’s really good in this recipe and currently growing like wildfire in our garden.

Watermelon, Lime + Mint Juice




1/4th of a medium sized watermelon
1 1/2 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice
1 spring of fresh mint + more for garnish 


Thoroughly wash produce and throw it in a juicer. (See notes below for blender method.) Drink up. 

Notes for the Non-Chef:

If you don’t have a juicer don’t worry, you can alternatively make this using a high powered blender. Strain mix using a cheesecloth or nut milk bag after blending. (It works just as well.) 

Use frozen watermelon, make this recipe in a blender, keep the pulp, and turn this into a slushy.

We use a citrus squeezer to juice the lime. 

Store your watermelon in the fridge before use. It’s best to keep the ingredients (mainly the watermelon) cold, as cold produce yields more juice than room temperature produce.

PS. If you make this recipe, we want to see! Tag us on Instagram at @thedailyalchemy so we can heart your pic? What’s your favorite summertime refresher? Share below in the comments. 




A Self-Lover's Guide To Finding The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body

bikini body


(Spoiler Alert: it’s way easier than rag mags make it seem.)

Step 1.

First, acknowledge this fact: Your bod is hot.

Regardless of shape, size, dimensions, numbers, pounds, scars, marks, or anything else, your body is the home to your soul and therefore it’s f*cking magical and mad hot.

Step 2.

Know that, because your bod is already perfect in all of its glory, anything you put on it — especially when it comes to swimsuits — is also going to look perfect (and mad hot).

I realize everything I’m saying probably directly contradicts your results of the “dressing for your body type” quiz you took in ninth grade, but can I just offer you this: instead of listening to master marketers of fast fashion, and “style experts” who know absolutely nothing about you, is it such a radical notion to suggest that you simply dress for yourself?

What makes you feel good? Wear it.

What outfit are you most comfortable in? Rock it.

What makes you feel confident? Repeat it.

Step 3.

Apply the above learning to your search for the perfect swimsuit.

Who knows? It might already be in your possession.

The infamous bikini.

The infamous bikini.

Like, let me provide you with a case and point. I have this bathing suit that I’m absolutely obsessed with. I bought it when I was in London because I was really lonely one day and convinced myself that buying a bikini from Agent Provocateur would make me feel better (and it did, for like 5 minutes, but that’s not the point of this story).

Anyway, after the sales lady convinced me that I couldn’t live without said bikini, I proudly toted my new purch back to my flat where I unwrapped it with gentle care and tried it on again in front of the mirror. The sales lady had been right, I didn’t want to imagine a life without my new bikini.

However, despite my adoration over my new bathing suit, whenever I was given an opportunity to wear it — poolside, or at the beach — I chickened out. Out loud, I told myself I was saving it for a special occasion, but in my head, I was telling myself that I couldn’t actually pull it off in public; that I was too “volumptuous” for such a scandalous two-piece, that others would be offended by my body in my bathing suit.

Because my body didn’t look anything like the body of the women who modeled my new suit in the magazines or on the billboards, it sat in my drawer for an entire season, lonely as I was on the day I purchased it.

I would visit it from time to time — try it on and admire its lines, the way it hugged and flaunted my womanly curves. I would take mirror selfies in my bikini and imagine fantastical scenarios of myself sunning on some golden sand in a far away land where I could wear my two-piece in peace. I longed to slip it on and pull it off, the way all the girls on Instagram did. But I didn’t.

Instead of embracing my shape, I shamed myself. Told myself I’d only wear it when I lost 10 pounds. Promised myself the opportunity to rock it, as if it were a prize for when I got “in shape.” I told myself I needed to earn the right to wear it. 

And then one day, a year and then some after I found my perfect bikini, I pulled it out of its original pink tissue that I had carefully re-wrapped it in, and I put it on. And I went to the beach. And within 5 minutes of being out in the sun, a woman tapped me on the shoulder.

“Can I just say, that bathing suit is stunning and you look lovely in it,” she said.

“Thank you,” I responded. And then I laid back down, closed my eyes and smiled. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm not exactly sure what changed in that year, or where my confidence came from that day. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe it’s because I care a lot less than I used to about what others think, maybe it’s because I have a boyfriend who loves my body the way it is (and no matter how much it weighs), OR maybe I'm just learning to love myself a little harder, but I learned a valuable lesson. I can wear anything I want to wear. (And so can you.)

SO. As far as I’m concerned, any bathing suit that you LOVE as much as I love my "London bikini," any bathing suit that makes you feel good, any bathing suit that you have absolutely any desire to wear at all...IS THE PERFECT SWIMSUIT FOR YOUR HOTTIE BODY. 

Trust me. 

(And even if there's nobody there to tap you on the shoulder and tell you how stunning you look, know that I'm virtually tapping you on the shoulder and telling you — you look stunning.)




24 Self-Care Rituals To Infuse Your Summer With Self-Love & Good Vibes

self-care rituals


Self-care — the not always easy practice of taking care of oneself — is absolutely, fundamentally, without a doubt integral to this whole self-love thing.

We’re so conditioned to give love to those around us, give time to our work, passions and callings, give ourselves up to those who need us, that we often forget to take care of ourselves, first.

I might as well be the poster-girl for this sentiment.

I am constantly getting caught up in the go-go-go economy of our society. Like, as a freelance writer and entrepreneur, I’ve convinced myself that I don’t deserve sleep and the only way I’m going to be a success in this world is if I work 27 hours a day. I’m also a binge writer, which means when I’m in flow, please don’t talk to me or try to feed me or pull my weary fingers from my keyboard. I’m busy. On top of all that, the best way I know how to show my love to others — my boyfriend, my family, my friends — is to give to them. So, because I want my tribe to know how much I care about them all the freaking time, I try to give constantly: my services, my money, my ears, my heart, my laughter, my love.

Add it all up, mix it around, give it a week, or month, two if i’m lucky, and I end up burnt out, deflated, exhausted — mentally, emotionally, physically depleted.


I’m learning, though. Because that version of me is no good for anyone. 

Spoiler Alert: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care enables you to give more (of your best self) to those you love.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve proactively prioritized a handful of self-care rituals into my every day. I discovered yoga (yes, I know how cliche that sounds), and discovered I’m a better human after I’ve practiced. Both my BF and I have agreed that I’m definitely a better girlfriend after I’ve had my morning bulletproof coffee. And everyone who loves me knows that If I’m acting a bit on edge, it’s because I haven’t written anything lately. For me, writing — creating — is self-care in it’s most divine form.

It’s not always easy. I skip a yoga class every now and then, miss my morning coffee, and get too busy with my work work to write anything for myself. But self-love isn’t always easy. It is, however, really f&*king worth the effort.

SO. Avoid the inevitable burnout by taking care of number one, first (that’s you). What do you need to do to feel the way you want to feel, every single day? This can seem like a daunting question at first, but knowing the answer allows you to plan for (self)love.

Not Sure Where To Start. I’ve got some ideas. 24 of them to be exact.

24 Self-Care Rituals To Infuse Your Summer With Love and Good Vibes:

  1. Get more sleep. If, like me, you struggle with sleep try listening to a sleep meditation in bed.

  2. Eat food that makes you feel good.

  3. Indulge yourself. Guilt free.

  4. Exercise — not the painful kind you dread. Find a form of exercise you and your body love. And do it often.

  5. Engage in deep and meaningful conversations with the people you love. This is pure soul food.

  6. Write in a journal. If this is a new practice for you, let Katie Dalebout’s book, LET IT OUT: A Journey Through Journaling be your guide.

  7. If you are even remotely close to a body of water, by all means, go to the beach.

  8. Meditate. Or at least try to.

  9. Spend time in nature.

  10. Soak up alone time. It is precious, valuable, and absolutely vital to your wellbeing.

  11. Stop glorifying busy, and rest. I mean it.

  12. Dance in your undies.

  13. Practice yoga.

  14. Watch the sunrise. It’s medicine.

  15. Watch the sunset. It’s also medicine.

  16. De-clutter your space. Not just your physical space, but your heart space, head space, soul space. Need motivation? Read this.

  17. Light a candle.

  18. Write yourself a love note.

  19. Take a selfie. (‘Gram it and tag us @lovebombbootcamp, so we can double-tap that!)

  20. Splurge on a feel-good outfit. Every girl needs at least one reliable feel-good outfit in her closet at all times.

  21. Stargaze. (And wish upon any shooting stars you might see.)

  22. Buy yourself flowers.

  23. Practice gratitude.

  24. Find something to celebrate. Every. Single. Day.

What are some of your favorite self-care rituals? Comment below and let me know :) xx




The Summer of Self-Love: Hot Tips For The Best Summer Ever

summer of self love

In theory, this whole “Self-Love” thing sounds like a simple concept. It sounds like giving yourself a hug, treating yourself to a mani/pedi combo at the mall, and maybe even a little somethin’ somethin’ from that boutique you pass by every day on your way home from work. What it usually doesn’t sound like is work. Except that’s where you’d be wrong. 

Self-Love means exactly what you think it means — loving yourself wholly, fully, truly, madly deeply. And then some. Self-Love means believing in yourself when nobody else does. It means recognizing your own unique brand of beauty (and knowing that someone else’s unique brand of beauty is certainly not the absence of your own). Self-Love means honoring your self-worth, learning to say “No,” and challenging the status quo. (Remember: we currently live in a society that profits off our insecurities.) Self-Love is an infinite journey, and it ain’t always an easy one.

Especially in the summer time.

With all the bikini pics on Instagram, the juice cleanses, and the incessant heat that can drive a girl to madness (or ice cream), it can be hard NOT to get caught up in the comparison game, or talked into the latest liquid diet because you feel like you take up too much space in your bikini, or to feel guilty about the double scoop of rocky road you devoured in the hot summer sun. (Spoiler Alert: one should never feel guilty about ice cream.)

SO. Want to never feel guilty about an ice cream cone again? Thought so. Join me for The Summer of Self-Love. Every week, this summer I’ll be spilling my tips, secrets, rituals, practices, and pointers to love yourself hardcore all summa long.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • Self-Love 101: Have You Loved You Lately?
  • What NOT to do at the beach
  • 24 Ways To Practice Self-Care This Summer
  • How to ACTUALLY enjoy your July Long Weekend
  • Summer Essentials: How to Prioritize What Matters Most  
  • The Miracle of a Mantra
  • 10 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Someone Else
  • A Guide to Follow the Light

 ...And so much more! This #summerofselflove series is packed with love and light and probably more than a few LOL’s.



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