The Subtle Alchemy Of Self-Love

In our totally *unbiased* opinions, self-love is the secret ingredient to actually enjoying your life (and your summer!), and high-vibe health.

It’s also kind of like alchemy.

The Alchemy Of Self-Love

It’s not linear or a straightforward point A to point B type of trajectory. It’s more like an ongoing, expansive, alchemy-esque process. It’s a journey that takes time, practice, and patience. It can be messy, and hard, and frustrating at times. (What kind of transformation isn’t?) And when you’re in it, it can feel nearly impossible, but when you’re on the other side, it feels a whole lot like magic.

Pic via  instagram

Pic via instagram

Here’s how it works:

Self-love starts with doing ‘the work’ meaning, the uncomfortable inner work we usually run away from til you’re walking the self-love walk and talking the self-love talk. Then you begin to feel a shift. Like an actual, sometimes visceral, often physical shift. Your perspective expands, you begin to glow (from the inside out), your confidence skyrockets, and if you keep going, you may even begin to fancy the reflection you see in the mirror. YOU, yes the same you that once believed you had nothing important to say and your nose was three times too large for your face finally realize, that you and your words DO in fact matter, and you DO actually have important things to say, and while your nose may not be the smallest nose in the world, it’s the perfect nose for your face.

This of course is absolutely amazing and the goal of this self-love journey, but this is also where things can get tricky. Because if you’re anything like us, you suddenly want to tell everyone everything. And if you’re anything like us a few years ago, you might have a sliiiiight inadvertent tendency to lovingly push things onto people. Which, speaking from experience, never plays out well.

We know you want to tweet, insta, Facebook, snapchat, iMessage, email, and shout from the high heavens that THIS is what you’re doing and THIS is what your sister, bf, bff, __ [insert your person here], *should* be doing, too, but the thing with self-love (and almost everything else in life) is that you can’t force it onto others. They have to be ready and willing to make the changes themselves. It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow if you mechanically slip into the caregiver role, but everyone is on their own beautiful, unique journey and maybe they’ll hop on the self-love train, maybe they won’t. It’s not up to you to decide when or how they will, or if they ever do. That’s for them to choose. So even though it will be difficult (we know you mean well and want your loved ones to feels just as free, liberated, and powerful as you feel), save the sage advice, self-love mantras, and unsolicited inspirational pep talks until you’re asked about why you’re so glowy. You will be asked. (A side effect of loving yourself is irresistibility.) For now, the best thing you can do to help others get through their sh*t is to lead by example and to send love from afar. When you exude the high vibe positive energy you’ve gained from truly loving yourself, your whole self, the people around you can feel it and will pick up on that. Eventually, if they’re interested, and most importantly, ready, they’ll approach you about it or explore it on their own. You’re already making a big difference in the world simply by being YOU.

Thoughts? Things to say? Share with us below! This space is as much yours as it is ours, and we love to hear your words!