24 Self-Care Rituals To Infuse Your Summer With Self-Love & Good Vibes

self-care rituals


Self-care — the not always easy practice of taking care of oneself — is absolutely, fundamentally, without a doubt integral to this whole self-love thing.

We’re so conditioned to give love to those around us, give time to our work, passions and callings, give ourselves up to those who need us, that we often forget to take care of ourselves, first.

I might as well be the poster-girl for this sentiment.

I am constantly getting caught up in the go-go-go economy of our society. Like, as a freelance writer and entrepreneur, I’ve convinced myself that I don’t deserve sleep and the only way I’m going to be a success in this world is if I work 27 hours a day. I’m also a binge writer, which means when I’m in flow, please don’t talk to me or try to feed me or pull my weary fingers from my keyboard. I’m busy. On top of all that, the best way I know how to show my love to others — my boyfriend, my family, my friends — is to give to them. So, because I want my tribe to know how much I care about them all the freaking time, I try to give constantly: my services, my money, my ears, my heart, my laughter, my love.

Add it all up, mix it around, give it a week, or month, two if i’m lucky, and I end up burnt out, deflated, exhausted — mentally, emotionally, physically depleted.


I’m learning, though. Because that version of me is no good for anyone. 

Spoiler Alert: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care enables you to give more (of your best self) to those you love.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve proactively prioritized a handful of self-care rituals into my every day. I discovered yoga (yes, I know how cliche that sounds), and discovered I’m a better human after I’ve practiced. Both my BF and I have agreed that I’m definitely a better girlfriend after I’ve had my morning bulletproof coffee. And everyone who loves me knows that If I’m acting a bit on edge, it’s because I haven’t written anything lately. For me, writing — creating — is self-care in it’s most divine form.

It’s not always easy. I skip a yoga class every now and then, miss my morning coffee, and get too busy with my work work to write anything for myself. But self-love isn’t always easy. It is, however, really f&*king worth the effort.

SO. Avoid the inevitable burnout by taking care of number one, first (that’s you). What do you need to do to feel the way you want to feel, every single day? This can seem like a daunting question at first, but knowing the answer allows you to plan for (self)love.

Not Sure Where To Start. I’ve got some ideas. 24 of them to be exact.

24 Self-Care Rituals To Infuse Your Summer With Love and Good Vibes:

  1. Get more sleep. If, like me, you struggle with sleep try listening to a sleep meditation in bed.

  2. Eat food that makes you feel good.

  3. Indulge yourself. Guilt free.

  4. Exercise — not the painful kind you dread. Find a form of exercise you and your body love. And do it often.

  5. Engage in deep and meaningful conversations with the people you love. This is pure soul food.

  6. Write in a journal. If this is a new practice for you, let Katie Dalebout’s book, LET IT OUT: A Journey Through Journaling be your guide.

  7. If you are even remotely close to a body of water, by all means, go to the beach.

  8. Meditate. Or at least try to.

  9. Spend time in nature.

  10. Soak up alone time. It is precious, valuable, and absolutely vital to your wellbeing.

  11. Stop glorifying busy, and rest. I mean it.

  12. Dance in your undies.

  13. Practice yoga.

  14. Watch the sunrise. It’s medicine.

  15. Watch the sunset. It’s also medicine.

  16. De-clutter your space. Not just your physical space, but your heart space, head space, soul space. Need motivation? Read this.

  17. Light a candle.

  18. Write yourself a love note.

  19. Take a selfie. (‘Gram it and tag us @lovebombbootcamp, so we can double-tap that!)

  20. Splurge on a feel-good outfit. Every girl needs at least one reliable feel-good outfit in her closet at all times.

  21. Stargaze. (And wish upon any shooting stars you might see.)

  22. Buy yourself flowers.

  23. Practice gratitude.

  24. Find something to celebrate. Every. Single. Day.

What are some of your favorite self-care rituals? Comment below and let me know :) xx