Meet Your Girl-Gang

We believe every girl deserves to feel loved and YOU are no exception. 

Because YOU, are not just “average,” you’re exceptional, not just “ordinary,” you’re amazing, not just “enough,” you’re more than enough — and those things you call “flaws,” well, they’re perfect

And us, we’re on a heart-driven mission to help beautiful women, just like you, remember that.

We’re writers, coaches, yogis, self-love crusaders, and passion filled femme-preneurs.

Meet Jess:

A certified holistic nutrition goddess, yogi extraordinaire, and co-founder of the high vibe wellness hub known as Urban Alchemy

Meet Erika:

A spirited #girlboss who knows how to clean her sweet tooth. (Yup, she doubles as a dental assistant, the other half of Urban Alchemy, and Jess' real life sister.) 

Meet Ree:

A full-time femme-preneur & literista currently penning your new favorite book. #littlefoolbook (Erika and Jess' fake life sister.)


And the real (and perhaps more important) credentials:
We’re actively doing this work ourselves.